Planning, construction and management of high quality commercial and residential projects

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Specialised internal systems and policies streamline the property development process, ensuring state of the art projects are delivered.


Waterfront mixed use development, large scale purpose built commercial construction and residential land subdivisions.


Specialising in the design and construction of purpose built commercial projects, our team is involved in all phases of the design process, providing guidance and advice from an early stage.


In construction ensures our project design and delivery is highly efficient, responsive and well-executed from the outset.


Acquiring appropriate sites for developing commercial and residential projects or existing high yield assets for our investment portfolio.


Property development projects alongside stable income-producing assets ensures Gay Group withstands significant fluctuations in the Australian property market.

Building Solution Focused Spaces

Our award winning development strategy and proven internal systems and policies ensures state of the art projects are delivered.

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We specialise in the planning, construction and management of high quality commercial and residential properties.

Undertake and Perform

“We live by this slogan. Over the years, reliability has become a cornerstone. Once Gay Group of Companies gives an undertaking, we do our very best to comply. This sentiment is well received and is essential to continued business excellence.”

Chairman and Founder, Mr. Patrick Gay A.M.

Trusted Partners

Gay Group of Companies values our associations and are immensely proud that many of our alliances span decades.

Our design and construction partners set the industry standard in terms of innovation, experience and professionalism.

We have built strong relationships with our consultants, architects and hydraulic engineers, the majority of our work comes from word of mouth leads and invitation to express interest in projects.